Pressure screen maintenance

Time:2021-09-26 Views:345

Pressure screen in the application process, due to the process of water, calcium and magnesium hardness, PH value, conductivity, total alkalinity, temperature and other factors produce scaling phenomenon, resulting in the following hazards: 1. Increase the number of unplanned downtime, resulting in production interruption, affecting the production efficiency of the device. Shutdown cleaning, increase maintenance costs and additional labor load; 2. Causing paper sickness, affecting product quality; 3. Increase the consumption and pollution load of chemicals; 4. Cause production accidents and reduce equipment life; 5. Increase energy consumption loss. Traditional repair methods include chemical cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, adding scale inhibitor, manual mechanical cleaning, disassembly and replacement, etc., but they are time-consuming and laborious, and the repair effect is not ideal. In view of the above problems, foreign advanced maintenance methods mostly use electronic descaling instrument to solve. Compared with traditional maintenance methods, Dekele electronic scale remover in operation restrictions, prevent the formation of pipe scale, rust prevention bacteria and other aspects more, at the same time less cost, do not pollute the environment and water quality, in the maintenance of pressure screen has more and more applications.